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Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying,
How very tragic we are indeed.
Inception meme day 1 
6th-Aug-2010 07:37 am
frank prettyface and elbows

30 Days Of Inception

1. Are you Extractor, Point Man, Architect, Forger or Tourist and why?
I would probably be a forger or an architect. Forger because I'm way to good at pretending to be other people, and love disguises more than strictly necessary. Architect because I build worlds in my head everyday, it's just that nobody gets to see them at the moment.

2. Who is your mark, why?

3. Create the first level of your dream. Where does it take place?

4. Your favourite Inception quote

5. Your favourite Inception character

6. Who is on your team? (Fill all roles - Extractor/Point Man/Architect/Forger/Tourist - aside from your own role). Can be celebrities, fictional
characters or people you know)

7. What is your totem?

8. What scene is at the basement of your subconscious?

9. Who is your shade?

10. Watch one of Christopher Nolan’s previous films (Following/Memento/Insomnia/Batman Begins/The Prestige/The Dark Knight). Post a
one sentence review.

11. Where will you perform the Inception. Plane/train or otherwise?

12. What song will you use to trigger the kick?

13. Create the second level of your dream. Where does it take place? Post a picture.

14. What vehicles will you use in the dream?

15. What weapons will you use in the dream?

16. Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger. What weapons will you use in the dream?

17. What kind of secure location (vault etc) has the Mark hidden their secrets in?

18. Your favourite Inception dialogue exchange. Post screen cap if you have it.

19. If one non-Batman actor from Inception could be in Batman 3, who would you choose (JGL, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page etc.)

20. Your favouite scene in Inception

21. There is zero gravity in the dream. How do you perform the kick?

22. Your mark has had subconscious security training - who do you have to fight in zero gravity? (Real fictional actor/boxer/cage

23. Create the third level of your dream. Where does it take place? Post a picture.

24. The forger has built a secret escape route. What is it? (Vents, tunnels etc)

25. Your dream is collapsing, which natural disaster represents this? (Tsunami, earthquake, avalanche)

26. How many times you’ve seen Inception. IMAX or regular.

27. Your least favourite Inception character.

28. Pitch a one-sentence Inception sequel idea.

29. Does your Inception succeed? What is the effect?

30. Inception was just a dream, a creation of Dom Cobb’s subconscious. Discuss.

6th-Aug-2010 05:00 pm (UTC)
I said I would be the Point Man so now you can be the Eames to my Arthur. 8D
6th-Aug-2010 06:04 pm (UTC)
lol, I'd be honored darling
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